Breaking News: Female bomber kills 10 people in Nigerian college

Female bomber kills ten people at Nigerian college
People are treated at the General Hospital in Potiskum, Nigeria, following a fatal bomb attack at Government Science Technical College
A female bomber has reportedly killed at least ten people at a college in Nigeria in the second such attack on an educational institution this week.

The assailant blew herself up at Federal College of Education
in Kontagora, located in Nigeria's central Niger State, the Nigerian police and a witness said on Wednesday.

The woman detonated the device around midday as she tried to enter the college's library, student Samson Kazah said.

“At least 10 students were killed and several others injured. They have all been moved to the general hospital. We have all been asked to vacate the school,” Kazah added.

Meanwhile, a police spokesman said, "The female…bomber blew herself up before reaching her target."

No one has claimed responsibility for the assault yet. However, such attacks are often blamed on Nigerian militant group, Boko Haram.

This comes as two days ago a bomber dressed up as a student killed at least 48 students in the northeastern Nigerian town of Potiskum, situated about 575 kilometers (350 miles) northeast of the capital, Abuja.

Some 2,000 students had gathered for the assembly at the Government Technical Science College when the explosion ripped through the school hall, according to survivors.

A morgue attendant said the 48 bodies were brought to the hospital and all appeared to be between the ages of 11 and 20.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan promised on Tuesday that he would defeat Boko Haram while announcing his bid to win a second term in a February presidential election in the country.
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