H2i Registration - Helping Hands International | H2i Login

H2i Registration - Helping Hands International | H2i Login

Helping Hands International is a non governmental organisation (NGO)  from Philippine and it was officially launched in Nigeria 3 years ago  and Nigeria's head
office is at Block 26a  PRESIDENT GOOD LUCK JONATHAN ESTATE ISHERI LAGOS , NIGERIA  .Helping Hands Inter. is an NGO that enables you to better the lives of people positively with evidence. Every religion supports charity & caring 4 d less privileged so I knew i was on d right track with H2i.
In H2i, u dont buy or sell any product unlike other networking stuff.All it requires to become a h2i  member is a onetime payment of $40/N6,600
After this donation, you'll be registered. You'll then have one H2i account (with automatic inbuilt E-wallet)
Cheap entry amount..right? With just N6,600 donation u re on board to earn tremendous incentives even as u touch lives.
You re to introduce ONLY 2 persons who also brings their own 2 each and u're good to go.However, H2i allows one person to have more than one account.

How Much is H2i - Helping Hands International Registration Price 

If you have the capacity to invite more than two people, you can choose to go for multiple account registrations.
1 account = N6,600
3 accounts = N19,800
7 accounts = N46,200
15 accounts = N99,000
Depending on your financial capacity also, you can choose the number of accounts you wish to have with H2i

For more information and guild please, kindly comment here

 In H2i u earn cash daily,weekly, monthly depends on u. H2i requires...'TEAM WORK'Unlike other MLM where uplines use downlines to climb and den drop dem. In H2i, u grow only wen ur team grows.
Its online & can be done frm anywhere /any country with internet connection.
 There's no  monthly renewal or whatever name other MLM networks calls it.. Other MLM's place their juicy awards i.e car, holidays etc at their level stage 7 - 9 while H2i has ipad/laptop on Stage 2 plus $1,000, car at stage 3 plus $3,000 etc.The best part is dat with H2i, u can open as many accounts as possible in ur name.

H2i Registration - Helping Hands International | H2i Login 

       I made a wise decision with H2i and today it is ur TURN to Do same for d FUTURE BENEFITS of ur CHILDREN....In conclusion ,the Monetary gain is as follows
At d end of stage 1 u must av earned,$26/$58(#4,400 or #9600
Stage 2, $1000 or #165,000
Stage 3,$3000 or #495,000
Stage 4, $6000 or #990,000
Stage 5, $12,000 or #1,980,000
After that they gv u #1.8m every year for life.Referral Bonus(20%)
Matrix Bonus($10-$80000)
Matching Bonus($100-$600)
Yearly infinity Bonus($5000)
Educational fund($2000)
Cars( Ist car-small Hyundai; second car-
hyundai Jeep)
Free International exotic trip
Housing fund($40,000)
Interest free Loan(up to $44,000)
Empowerment for the 2 less privileged
nominated by you.
A replicated hitech website with back-end to
manage your business real time.
Promotional IncentivesTo be a partaker of all this endless rewards,u only need to pay a token of #6,600 to joinAfter paying this sum,u don't renew d payment,u get a membership for life Dat money will continue to work for u for life,
It's better to invest in H2i Dan to buy food wt it,afterall u Hv been eating since u Hv been born
It's better to invest in h2i Dan buying clothes afterall,d clothes will bcom outdated or worn-out...
Call 08131003634
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